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Available and shipping as of 11/11/2022.

TRINITY is a 3 channel Digital Drum Synth Array packed into a 20hp eurorack synthesizer. Effectively, Trinity performs as 3 powerful drum voices packaged into one beastly drum module with a few tricks up its sleeve. 

The name Trinity refers to the 3 drum channels and tips its hat to the core elements of any modern beat driven composition which is typically Kick, Snare and Hat. Trinity takes this simple idea and flips it on its head with 3 channels and an array of drum synth algorithms that use various types of synthesis (Analog Inspired, Additive, FM & Noise). This allows for a wide range of drum design capability that achieves and reaches far beyond the conventional kick, snare ,and hat.

Trinity’s array of digital drum synth algorithms are very malleable by way of the 7 knobs and 4 mini-pots, each of which control a specific parameter and characteristic (Pitch, Sweep, Time, Shape, Grit, Decay, EQ, Clipper, Hold, Volume and Character) for each drum type. Each drum channel has its own trigger and v/oct in addition to extensive CV input options per channel. 

Trinity’s uniquely performable and switchable output matrix allows for the routing of each drum channel’s output to the mix output, the individual drum channel output or both. This makes for easy performability, mutable output, parallel processing, or side chain source.

Lastly, Trinity’s midi over USB connection allows for midi control over various parameters via one usb cable. USB midi makes integration a cinch by connecting one usb wire from Trinity to a groove-box or computer - instant integration

All in all, Trinity packs a hefty punch and weighs in at 20hp, 11 knobs, 3 drum channels, 3 triggers buttons, 4 drum synth algorithms based on 4 different types of synthesis, 24 CV inputs, 3 way output switching with 3 individual outputs, a mix output and a midi over usb connection.

The Trinity demo track, composed by DSTL (@DanielSteeleMusic), features only Modbap Modular instruments. The playlist below provides a look into the composition by breaking it out into stems. The stems showcase Trinity's capabilities within the composition, together on the drum bus with no melodics, and individually by Trinity's drum synth type (Block, Heap, Neon, and Arcade) allowing you to gain full perspective of the potential of each drum synth type.

ModBap · Trinity


All of the drums and percussion are provided by Trinity while melodies are provided by Osiris. The glitchy FX are compliments of Per4mer

  • BLOCK (Analog Inspired): Drum synth building blocks featuring sine and triangle core. Great for traditional electronic drum creation.
  • HEAP (Additive): Additive drum synth with 8 partials. Great for fun natural sounds and pitched percussive sounds (i.e. bells, chimes, steel drums, and wood blocks etc.).
  • NEON (FM): FM drum synth engine. Great for high quality FM drums, clangorous metallic percussion and more.
  • ARCADE (Noise): Quirky noise generator synth, reminiscent of classic 1980's arcade games sounds - zaps, crashes, explosions etc. Great for claps, hats, even some vinyl noise approximations, and all sorts of fun percussive and degraded noises.

Cycle Modes

The cycle modes can be enabled and disabled per channel.

  • ‘Round Robin’ mode will switch between each drum synth type sequentially with each new trigger to the drum channel.
  • ‘Random’ mode will generate a new random drum sound with each new trigger to the drum channel.

Stack Modes

The stack modes group the channels together allowing 2 or 3 drum channels to be triggered by the primary channel’s trigger and v/oct inputs.

Stacked drums can be spread out similar to unison mode on a traditional synthesizer. Stack modes are inspired by the characteristics of chopped breaks where drums tend to overlap and fan out depending on the content of the chopped source material.

  • 20hp
  • 4 drum algorithms - Block (analog inspired), Heap (additive), Neon (fm) & Arcade (noise)
  • 2 dozen CV inputs
  • CV control over all major parameters
  • Trigger and pitch control over all 3 channels
  • 3 voice drum polyphony
  • Clipping limiter
  • Switchable output routing matrix with individual and Mix output
  • Stack, Cycle & Random modes
  • Midi over USB (micro)
  • Width: 20HP

  • Depth: 28mm

  • Power: 153mA +12V, 7mA -12V (160mA Peak on Power Up)

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