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Meridian is a 14hp digital dual multimode stereo filter array, designed to offer users a choice between 4 selectable filter types per side and 4 selectable filter modes per side, plus 2 effects (drive & phase shift), and the ability to be pinged. This allows users the flexibility to easily create a range of unique sound textures and sonic landscapes using a single powerful eurorack filter module.

Meridian represents the idea of a meeting point or a convergence of different elements. Filters are often used to blend, shape, and refine different sounds into a cohesive whole. Meridian is often represented through the idea of a barrier or a line that separates parts. This concept mirrors the way the filter delineates different frequencies and aural elements, generating a defined contrast that shapes the overall sound.

In context, the name Meridian conveys a sense of balance, harmony, and unity, while also suggesting a clear and definitive separation between different sonic elements. Similarly, Modbap Meridian allows the use of two selectable, mixed or matched, filter types and two selectable, mixed or matched, filter modes to reshape and refine the source material into new cohesive textures.

Meridian’s two filters, each have independently adjustable cut off, resonance, and contour parameters. The PrimeFreq control is the center macro control of both filters in tandem. The module boasts a dynamic control feature aptly-titled 'Ping'. Activation of Ping is enabled through the Ping input. Additionally, the filter permits selection of serial or parallel routing configurations and is capable of functioning as either a stereo system or two independent mono channels with the press of a button.

Meridian boasts a selection of filters (including Ladder, OTA, Comb, and vocal formant) to generate a vast range of textures. Its sound shaping capabilities are furthered by its two distinctive and characterful effects: Phase Shifter and Drive.

All of Meridian's key features can be modulated via CV inputs. For instance, synchronization to tempo can be achieved with the clock input, allowing for clock synchronized Phase Shifting.

As is typical of Modbap modules, Meridian was designed with tweak-ability and performance in mind and it is the perfect companion for Modbap Osiris.

  • Phase Shifter with speed, panning and depth controls.
  • Drive Circuit with level, tone and crush controls.
  • 256 possible filter configurations
  • Dual mono / Stereo filter
  • 4 filter selectable types per side – Ladder, OTA, Comb, Vocal Formant
  • 4 Filter selectable modes per side - LP, HP, BP, NOTCH
  • Low Pass Gate styled Pingable input
  • Phase Shifter
  • Stereo panning control
  • Drive effect with tone and crush control
  • Save and recall presets
  • Width: 14HP
  • Depth: 30mm

  • Power: 107mA +12V, 7mA -12V (115mA Peak on Power Up)

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