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DivKid First Look At Per4mer

DivKid First Look At Per4mer

DivKid takes a look at Per4mer, giving a walk through and overview demonstration of the new performance effects module on its debut.

As noted by DivKid...

Here’s the brand new Per4mer module from Modbap Modular. Modbap was a term coined by Corry Banks ‘BBoy Tech’ of 'beatppl' merging modular with boom bap (a style of hiphop) and now Modbap Modular is a Eurorack maker with their first module the Per4mer. The module offers 4 performable FX combined with 2 processing FX (colour and compression). It’s a high quality stereo in and out FX unit with clocked timings, side chain ducking, click-less envelope controlled FX on and off, gate and CV inputs and plenty more. Multiple sonic palettes with wax (vinyl with it’s surface noise), old sampler and saturation characteristics let you add character to your input and you can latch on FX rather than perform with the arcade buttons if you wish.

This video is an introductory look at the [Per4mer] module from me [DivKid] that was all filmed with beta (pre-release) firmware so some knobs have changed to offer new features but the sonic character remains with it’s big lush verb, clocked delays, buffer repeat or stutter edit style glitches and tape stops.

I’m excited to see what Modbap Modular brings to Eurorack world and I’ll be making a more in depth demo going into the details of the module around it’s release.

The module is up for pre-order right now with batch 1 released on the 11th of November 2020. Check it out at the links along with lots of great content from everyone involved.

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